2 Great Calorie Burning Dance Classes

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2 Great Calorie Burning Dance Classes

16 February 2017
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Dancing is obviously a great workout. Did you know that it is also great for your brain? Apparently, working up a sweat on the dance floor is more than just a fun way to burn calories. Avid dancers probably aren't surprised that scientists are expounding on the benefits to your brain. To most, it is certainly more fun and therapeutic than going for a jog. Of course, not all dances are equally invigorating. For instance, you will probably work up more of a sweat doing ballet than you will doing a waltz. This article explains 2 of the best calorie burning dances. You can find classes for all of these fun dance styles.

Hip Hop

Young or old, boy or girl, experienced or amateur, coordinated or not, hip hop dance is hard to beat. It will kick your butt because it is so fast paced. The constant hip hop beat forces you to stay on your toes. There are few dances that will cause you to work up such a solid sweat. Hip hop is a great class to take with friends. You don't need to have any rhythm or dancing experience to enjoy a hip hop dance class. In fact, you will see dancers of all ages in the class. It is a perfect class to take with a friend. Have a good time, laugh at your dance moves and stay up with the pace. Be sure to wear comfortable and supportive tennis shoes, because you will need them.


Samba is a similarly fast paced Brazilian dancing style. It requires stamina and fast feet. It is also insatiably fun for all. South Americans traditionally practice the dance with no shoes, but most dance studios will require you to wear tennis shoes. The pace of samba is consistent, and the is often not pause between songs. Instructors will often lead 30 minute or 1 hour sessions. Classes are designed for different skill and health levels. But, don't be embarrassed if you start a class and find it hard to keep up with the pace. Samba instructors are in top physical shape because it is such a demanding dance. In fact, Zumba is a trendy new workout that borrows heavily from Samba.

Samba and hip hop are fun but demanding workouts. No matter what your level, dance classes are a great way to lose some weight without boring yourself to death.